Be taught English Tenses: PRESENT SIMPLE

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Study English Tenses: PRESENT SIMPLE
Study , Learn English Tenses: PRESENT SIMPLE , , Z19NAX_gWxI , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z19NAX_gWxI , https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Z19NAX_gWxI/hqdefault.jpg , 3210503 , 5.00 , In this easy English class, you'll be taught all in regards to the PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE. I am going to educate you the right way to use it, when to make use of it, and ... , 1578620811 , 2020-01-10 02:46:51 , 00:36:09 , UCJtBaL1PPmTc1ff0nsihR0g , Study English with Rebecca · engVid , 80094 , , [vid_tags] , https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=Z19NAX_gWxI , [ad_2] , [ad_1] , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z19NAX_gWxI, #Study #English #Tenses #PRESENT #SIMPLE [publish_date]
#Study #English #Tenses #PRESENT #SIMPLE
On this straightforward English class, you will be taught all in regards to the PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE. I will teach you methods to use it, when to make use of it, and ...
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    “Relax, you’re two tents.”

  2. Hi mis, what native actually do you speak is? British or American? I had never know something about the both before..

  3. Thank u so much for ur explanation 😍😍😍.I am struggling with tenses.But u made me clear.Thank u

  4. Thank miss Rebecca I like the way you teach English and I will you the way you teach it sounds perfect and interesting you teach brilliant English mam Rebecca thank you so much I where are from?

  5. I am a new teacher to be and I'm having difficulties to teach/understand/remember grammar. Glad that I found this channel. thank you 😀

  6. Thank you, Rebecca! It’s pleasure to listen how you teach, easy and simple.

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