Dangerous drivers & Driving fails – learn how to drive #470

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Dangerous drivers & Driving fails – learn how to drive #470
Be taught , Unhealthy drivers & Driving fails -learn the way to drive #470 , , 4esAtZbK_Vw , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4esAtZbK_Vw , https://i.ytimg.com/vi/4esAtZbK_Vw/hqdefault.jpg , 120375 , 5.00 , ALL VIDEOS ARE USED WITH OWNERS PERMISSION All footage is edited and I add a storyline and my commentary. That is ... , 1651617795 , 2022-05-04 00:43:15 , 00:08:07 , UC8FpG11hqfqr8n9a9LcxKzA , RR&BD Driving School , 2595 , , [vid_tags] , https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=4esAtZbK_Vw , [ad_2] , [ad_1] , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4esAtZbK_Vw, #Unhealthy #drivers #Driving #fails #learn #drive [publish_date]
#Dangerous #drivers #Driving #fails #study #drive
ALL VIDEOS ARE USED WITH OWNERS PERMISSION All footage is edited and I add a storyline and my commentary. This is ...
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  2. For Repulsive Ball, no it's still his fault for leaving, however he likely didn't know the area and encountered one of the 401's left lane exits
    I personally thought it was stupid until I wrote this comment and realised both the express and collectors can get off

  3. Another dash cam video showing blacks being blacks being blacks. Nothing to see here. All races are equal.

  4. 0:02 – If you're tailgating at 100kmh, you're NOT a defensive driver. You're an impatient idiot who will eventually cause a crash.
    0:40 – It wasn't a hit and run, it was two idiots moving into the same lane at the same time without checking whether it was safe.
    1:55 – Typical incel cager. He's roadraging, speeding and tailgating, then blames a woman for his own actions.
    2:25 – This is why you don't speed, enough time to see it and react.
    2:45 – Too bad he didn't become a good cop. ACAB.
    3:45 – Amother typical incel cager blaming a woman for his own actions. Admit you were speeding and caused it, chump. Notice the dark car at the end, which ~IS~ going the speed limit, not driving like the white idiot male.
    4:27 – You saw the car's lights, idiot. Why didn't you stop?
    4:37 – Fogducker ped0philes whine about cyclists, then say nothing when drivers do stuff like this. And then the fogduckers lie and say they "don't hate bicycles".
    5:00 – Wrong. The fumbduck in the truck ~knew~ how long his trailer was and expected the car to slow. He's an @$$hole who shouldn't have a license.

  5. 4:22
    This is for all the stupid people who are driving. If the speed limit is 65, going 66 is speeding. And if you can't figure out that 75 miles an hour in a 65 mph zone, you need to have your license taken away.
    To be clear, I'm not demanding you stick to the speed limit, I'm demanding you being intelligent enough to understand. The fact he has to guess 10 mi over the speed limit is speeding, this guy's a pure idiot. Don't be that guy.

  6. Clip 1. You DO realize that if you keep the proper following distance you won't NEED to keep looking for places to "swerve" to????

  7. 2:48 That move over law helps a lot, the ones that are paying attention to what's going on and moving over, are paying attention and wouldn't hit them anyways.

  8. Tractorguy: i gotta get somewhere mate, that’s why i took the time to get out of my whole ass tractor and get mad at you for beeping me

  9. Like to say that trying to pass the firetruck thing surprised me, but I once pulled off to the right for a cop behind me lights going sirens blaring, there was a car behind me who decided I must be pulling over to let him by and passed me as the cop was trying to fly around both of us, luckily no accident involved, but come one people! Also I am regularly honked at for yielding to emergency vehicles, used to annoy the crap out of me, doesn't even phase me anymore 🤷

  10. 4:46
    If you are in the wrong lane, own up to it and take the exit! The GPS will recalculate and get you where you need to go. These people that dive across the highway because they are in the wrong lane burn me up.

  11. Correct me if I am wrong. If you want to get away from the cops, one course of action NOT to take is driving back and forth across the lawn, over shrubs and trees and such. Why not drive straight, you know, in one direction, AWAY from them? Seems like others should be saying this, but no one is. Curious.

  12. 4:25 Um.. Yeah. Any speed above the posted speed limit is speeding and is illegal.. His comment is like saying, "Well, the robbers only took a little money, but I guess is still considered theft.."

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